V.S. Borchenko. The role of an audiovisual course in teaching Russian as a foreign language to students of exchange and applied programs

Russian as a foreign language, audiovisual method of teaching, communicative technique, educational process, beginning stage of teaching.

This article is about an audiovisual method as one of the most important methods in teaching Russian as a foreign language in modern educational processes. Within the given research a lot of advantages of an audiovisual course were revealed including disclosed ways and opportunities of using it with target development audiovisual competence, raising communicative competence level under particular conditions of teaching foreign students, implementing communicative, and personality-oriented competence techniques. Besides, we have specified a didactic potential audiovisual method of teaching, have defined means of its realization at practical lessons of Russian as a foreign language at the beginning stage of teaching. We also have established and approbated additional lessons with authentic video material for students language level А1–А2.
DOI: 10.37632/PI.2021.287.4.009

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