L.B. Kryukova, A.N. Gubaidullina. One-member sentences and their communicative potential in professional discourse

One-member sentences, professional communication, infinitive constructions, drill commands, Russian as a foreign language.

The article deals with the structural and semantic organization of certain types of one-member sentences in professional communication. The functional load and the communicative potential of the sentences are analyzed from a discursive standpoint. The object of linguistic analysis are drill commands, which are one-member and incomplete grammatical structures. The standardization and subordinality of military speech, unambiguous interpretation and lack of variability directly affect drill command verbalization forms. The focus is on infinitive and definite personal syntactic units oriented towards the vertical communication model. The interjectivation and verbalization processes are clearly caused by the genre. The article shows that the imperative nature of military discourse determines the semantics and communicative orientation of one-member and incomplete verbal constructions.
DOI: 10.37632/PI.2021.287.4.005

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