D.R. Valeeva. Teaching the adverbial participle to Hispanic students on the lessons of Russian as a foreign language

Аdverbial participle, gerund, Russian as a foreign language, comparative method.

The purpose of the article is to reveal the features of similarity and difference between the adverbial participle and the Spanish gerund and describe the specifics of the presentation of the material on the topic «The adverbial participle» for the Hispanic audience. The methodology of work is based on the analysis and generalization of scientific and pedagogical papers of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of teaching grammar. When writing the article, the author also used textbooks on the Russian language for foreign students.
The analysis of the scientific literature made it possible to reveal certain similarities between the adverbial participle and the Spanish gerund. But the article reveals the fact that it is nevertheless impossible to identify the investigated grammatical forms. The author justifies the advisability of applying a comparative method in teaching. Comparison of Russian adverbial participle with Spanish gerund during classes allows Hispanic students more quickly learn the material, avoid mistakes in the use of adverbial participles and, consequently to achieve the best results in the field of mastering Russian grammar.
DOI: 10.37632/PI.2021.287.4.008

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