Статья посвящена изменениям, произошедшим в положении русского языка во Франции за последние 25 лет. Автор перечисляет главные причины изменений, последствия этих изменений для школьных и вузовских преподавателей. Предлагаются стратегии преодоления существующих сложностей и ключевые аспекты возможного взаимодействия русской и французской сторон для осуществления продуктивного сотрудничества.

Ключевые слова: русистика, Франция, изменения, повышение квалификации, сотрудничество.

A. Jeannier-Groppo


Russian language and cultural studies, France, changes, continuous professional development, cooperation.

This article deals with the changes in the demand for Russian language studies in French schools and universities in the past 25 years. It identifies the main causes and consequences these changes have for schoolteachers and university lecturers, whether they are French or Russian native speakers. Too few of them are effectively in a position to meet the current needs, in particular at university level. The article argues that the root cause for this issue is that the contacts that exist between French and Russian native speakers on the one hand, and between permanent or tenured and temporary teachers or lecturers on the other hand, is too limited. This is so in a situation where the number of permanent positions is diminishing and, by contrast, it is becoming increasingly common for Russian native speakers to be hired on temporary contracts. Association fransaise des russisants hopes that the official French institutions will understand that a truly continuous professional development is necessary for teachers, and that the new Pushkin Center, which opened in Paris at the end of May 2017, will play a role in the proposed course of action.

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