Authors, members of the editorial Board, reviewers and editors are obliged to follow all the rules set out below.

Responsibility of the author:
1. The research on the basis of which the article is created should be original and new.
2. A manuscript submitted to the editor should not be published anywhere before or submitted to several publications at the same time.
3. The author cooperates with the editorial Board of the journal “Russian language abroad” in the work of eliminating the errors identified by the editorial Board in the manuscript.
4. The author is responsible for the accuracy of information, correctness of citations and references.
5. The manuscript provided by the author should contain full information about the author and all co-authors.

Responsibility of reviewers:
1. Articles accepted by the editorial Board of the journal “Russian language abroad” correspond to the declared subject of the journal.
2. The editorial Board organizes the review process, making sure that the reviewers do not have a conflict of interest with the author.
3. The objectivity of the reviewers’ assessment is achieved by anonymous two-way “blind” review (experts receive the article without the author’s name).

Editorial responsibility:
1. The editorial Board observes publication ethics, ensuring a high scientific level of the journal’s content.
2. Editors preserve anonymity of reviewers.
3. The editorial Board, based on the results of peer review, decides whether to reject or publish the material.
4. The editorial Board performs high-quality editing of the materials accepted for publication.