1. Research and academic articles submitted for review that are within the remit of the journal and designed according to the article submission guidelines ( http://www.russianedu.ru/i/tree/32/standart_new-2.pdf), should undergo the procedure of compulsory peer review.
  2. In case the submitted paper does not match the remit of the journal the author shall receive the paper stating the reasons for rejection.
  3. Only those manuscripts that have not been published earlier and have been written specifically for the journal «Russian Language Abroad» («Russkyi Yazyk za Rubezhom») shall be admitted for review.
  4. The article review written by a third party can be provided at the discretion of the author but this does not exclude the established review procedure.
  5. The Editor-in-Chief together with the Deputy Editor-in-Chief as well as the Executive Editor shall determine if the paper matches the remit of the journal and thus shall send the paper for the review of an expert i.e. a Doctor of Humanities or an Honored Doctor who is a recognized expert in the academic sphere the paper is written within.
  6. The expert shall be notified that the submitted papers are authors property and contain the data that cannot be disclosed.
  7. Expert review is confidential.
  8. The time for review are determined and agreed with experts in each particular case. The maximum time for review is 1 month.
  9. The expert’s report shall contain:
    a) accordance of the article content to the title;
    b) evaluation of how adequate the content of the article is;
    c) theoretical value and possibility for practical application of the research the author has conducted;
    d) structure and logic of the article;
    e) expedience of publishing in this particular journal;
    f) benefits and drawbacks of the article;
    g) possibility for improvement of the paper.In the final part of the expert’s report on article review there should be precise conclusions on recommending the article for publication as it was submitted or demanding the article corrections (with specifying areas for alterations).
  10. If the expert’s report contains recommendations to correct or improve the article then the article shall be sent back to the author with the request to follow-up on the recommendations or to provide a reasoned response for the critical remarks. The updated article shall be sent for additional peer review.
  11. In case if an expert does not recommend the article for publication the wording of the negative report shall be sent to the author.
  12. Both Editor-in-Chief and Academic Editor shall make a final decision on accepting the article for publication.
  13. The author shall be notified if the editorial board has decided to publish the article. The expert’s report shall be sent to the author via e-mail.
  14. Original expert report shall be kept during 5 (five) years and upon written request can be provided to the Ministry for Science and Education of the Russian Federation as well as to State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.
  15. The editorial board shall not take responsibility for the time of articles’ publication.
  16. Peer review is not applicable for the materials as follows:
    – Articles to sections “From the Readers”, “Critic and Bibliography”, “Topical Word of the Day”, “Anniversary”, “Chronicles” and “The News”.
    – Interview and reports about conferences, congresses, round table discussions, seminars and alike;
    – Informative, information and advertisement announcement.